I Fell For You First

I Fell For You First

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Maryam :) By Blah_Girl Completed

"Come on, you and I both know that you like me. Maybe even love me. You're just too stubborn to accept it" He smirked and stated like it was the most obvious thing ever. I scoffed

"Please, I don't 'love' you, I don't even like you. I HATE you!" I yelled at him and started walking away. He held my arm to stop me. I turned to look him straight in the eye and tell him to let me go, but he spoke first.

"Hate is a very strong word, Avery. Use it carefully." He said it in all seriousness and walked away. Leaving me speechless and confused. What was that?


Noah Anderson and Avery Dawson just don't go together. Noah is the bad boy, player and the school's heartthrob. Whereas, Avery is the average, sarcastic girl. All these two do is fight and make sarcastic remarks at each other. So what happened that these two made an agreement, more like a bet, to see who falls for the other one first.

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thekrazykat thekrazykat Apr 03, 2017
that's actually assault it makes me so ad to read this in so many stories without it being called that
kohala02 kohala02 Jun 11, 2016
😂😂😂😂 Zac effron 😂😂😋😂 he's old now 💕 jk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
h3y_1ts_riley h3y_1ts_riley Dec 22, 2016
Oh my god girl just go to the bathroom and then ask your mom if you two can switch that's pretty much sexual harassment
iamosolit iamosolit Feb 03, 2017
This is how I spend summer break , or any break for that matter , honestly . 💯😏
KittyKatGustin KittyKatGustin Jun 30, 2016
Polar bears are only in the arctic... The never go further south than Maine, USA and South Russia... If you see a  polar bear in the Antarctic, you are delusional and you need to get some help! Youre welcome
nobodyimportant_____ nobodyimportant_____ Sep 15, 2016
Same. I hate school but there's literally nothing to do without it