Gangster Possession

Gangster Possession

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Being the daughter of the most notorious crime lord in the history of the entire state, The Isaac Anderson, Zoey had been homeschooled for her entire life. With little or no contact with anyone not a part of her family or her father's gang. She had no prior experience with people her own age, heck with anyone even slightly normal. Surrounded all her life with an overprotective brother and father and dangerous gang members isn't exactly an ideal childhood.
After her entire life being homeschooled due to the ever-present security threat to her life, now, in her final year of high school, Zoey had discovered that she had to complete at least one year of schooling in a school in order to get into college.

Alec King, the bad boy of the town. Leader of the Black Pistol Gang, One of the most formidable gangs in the county. The typical player following the 'hump em and dump em' mentality, he's in for a shock when he comes across the shy but fiesty nerd, Zoey. 


Note; The book has been renamed from 'Bad boy possessive of his nerd' to 'Gangster Possession'.

First book. Please go easy on me.

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  • gangs
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ashabods ashabods Apr 30, 2017
please pick a frickin lane. It's either third  person or first person
hannahTwrites hannahTwrites May 31, 2016
Hi guys if u like this book you will love @redgal123 book called scent of the south!!
Nkira_Mikaelson Nkira_Mikaelson Oct 30, 2016
Reread tht paragraph and comment what you noticed cause I can't be the only one
thedoorwiththat thedoorwiththat Jul 22, 2016
Sorry to bother you but but you keep switching from first to third person and it's really hard to read like that. @ih8nuts can you please try to edit it or take the story down for a bit to do it so you won't have more irritating comments like mine.
Ipotato_u Ipotato_u May 25, 2016
POV means Point Of View if it's Zoey's point of view why is it in a Third person's pov?
hiscondom hiscondom Jan 12, 2016
I hate it when the guy thinks hes THE shît 
                              Like no babe ur shît.