The Bad Boy Kept My Secret

The Bad Boy Kept My Secret

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Meep By meepsahir Updated Jul 26

Avila Arthur~                           
      -Student Body President                
      -Nerd through and through   

Tristan Ryder~                            
      -Hates Authority            
      -Calm and collected 
      -A troublemaker through and through         

What do these two have in common? Absolutely nothing. Save for the fact that people in general, aren't on top of their A-list.                    

Well, why am I talking about them then?

Because it's about time you find out about the amazing journey of Tristan Ryder and Avila Arthur. 

(Extended description inside.)

TheForgottenCutie TheForgottenCutie Oct 17, 2016
ok sorry this has nothing to do with this but was the song in the video a cover (Bass by Megen Trainer) by Tiffany Alvord and her bro?
Daniegirr Daniegirr Apr 08, 2016
Please update. I've re-read this repeatedly waiting. You're such a fantastic writter. Keep it up.
Lexi_Rose2772 Lexi_Rose2772 Oct 22, 2016
Just by this sentence I can tell that their talking about Wisconsin🧀
Roar_FearMe Roar_FearMe Apr 06, 2016
this seems so good but it's not yet finished and I'm gonna risk breaking my heart waiting for updates
livingbythebook livingbythebook Jun 22, 2016
That's a very interesting analogy. Lifting weights and eating cake. #bestworkoutever
Alishya123 Alishya123 Jul 16, 2015
if it has 5 rounds but only 4 subjects...whats the other round?