The Nerd is Actually a Badass

The Nerd is Actually a Badass

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Emilia Petrova is a nerd at school for certain reasons but inside she's really hardcore and when her mom gives her a deal she knows she can get she's planning on getting revenge on all those who did her wrong. 

Maybe she'll even find someone, once she starts her plans on revenge of course.

So join Emilia Petrova on her quest for motherfucking revenge on assholes and bitches. The best part about it though is that they won't even see it coming. No one does pay back better than a Petrova, specifically Emilia Petrova. Darling isn't she?

explicitlyjazzy explicitlyjazzy 6 days ago
omfg I'm glad this isn't a book where the comebacks are all cliche and from Google or just totally bland
I actually don't know many people who still watch TV nowadays...
i wore skinny jeans and blue sweaters on humid or sunny days CAUSE NO WAY IN HELL AM I WEARING A SLEEVELESS SHIRT
I mean I could but why would I want to? *starts singing hands to myself in head*
*-absolute prison full of judgemental snakes where you have to be good at maths to be smart-*
Why is everyone preaching? A man hitting a man or a woman for no reason  doesn't make them a man anymore, not just a woman. If a woman hits a man then a man should be able to hit her back. If a woman hits a man she's brave but if a man hits a woman he's a pussŷ? I stg it pïsses me off sometimes