The Nerd is Actually a Badass

The Nerd is Actually a Badass

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Emilia Petrova is a nerd at school for certain reasons but inside she's really hardcore and when her mom gives her a deal she knows she can get she's planning on getting revenge on all those who did her wrong. 

Maybe she'll even find someone, once she starts her plans on revenge of course.

So join Emilia Petrova on her quest for motherfucking revenge on assholes and bitches. The best part about it though is that they won't even see it coming. No one does pay back better than a Petrova, specifically Emilia Petrova. Darling isn't she?

I love how her last name is petrova!!! Is katherine gonna come up in here😂😂 I know it's just a name but still
Na0hMe4 Na0hMe4 Nov 27
Borderline ocd
                              2 years clean of an eating disorder
LethalTrix88 LethalTrix88 2 days ago
Lol today i ask "hey mum i have a great idea!"   "How about i dont go to school?! Yeah?"
ItsWavvyy ItsWavvyy Nov 18
I dedicate this song to my food- Don't need no butterflies when you gave me the whole damn zoo by the way by the way you do things to my body I didn't know that I was starving t'ill i tasted you 😂😂😂 (don't judge me OK xD I'm a weird unexplainable girl)
I don't know if I didn't ask this or something but can you publish this book?
weirdo5life weirdo5life 6 days ago
Dyslexia (slight) used to have chronic depression claustrophobia slight arachnophobia abnormally short attention span....