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Alpha Twins (Book #1)

Alpha Twins (Book #1)

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Zakiya By yasmin43 Completed

Alpha twins Helena and Heather have defined all odds. They were born healthy, they didn't have any growth problems, and they were just as mischievous (if not more) as any teenager. The twins have shared everything: memories, friends, a room, the biggest pack in America. But how will their mate situation pan out? Sharing shouldn't be a problem, right?  ------------------- Marcus and Marcio are also Alpha twins. But they live 'across the pond'. They've been waiting for their mates for what seems like forever! They have been fortunate enough to not have to share a lot of things. But mates?! That's something that should be shared with an individual. 
Join these fated pairs of twins as they struggle to figure out who their true mate is. They must choice wisely though. The choice could effect more than just themselves.

babesgirl21 babesgirl21 Oct 30, 2016
this is totally me and me best friend my mom hates having him over because all we do is prank eachother anyway love the book
MartianVampire14 MartianVampire14 May 16, 2016
That's still be tall at least 5'10 ft....I'm 6 ft and people consider me a giant
erika180103 erika180103 Jun 20, 2016
At first, I though this was a gay werewolves book... Turns out I was wrong...
MzHollister MzHollister Feb 09, 2016
Twins who have babies with other twins their kids well be siblings
Wendy_Haynes37 Wendy_Haynes37 Jan 12, 2016
IT IS AWESOME!! I LOVE IT!! (reading this for the first time, only been on wattpad for three months)
XomgijusthadchexmixX XomgijusthadchexmixX Oct 28, 2015
I can honestly say I am delight be the fact that the twin alphas are both boy and girl.....I also love your grammar.