The past and future

The past and future

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ツE L I Z A B E T H By coolstoryliz Updated May 17, 2013

Robert is a werewolf, he's well aware of that, and werewolves are supposed to be mythical creatures that dont exist in the real world. So how come he has a hard time believing his werewolf history? Because, there's no poof that the "mysterious girl" exists, so why should he believe. And now that the new neighbors came in, his werewolf duties seem to be forgotten, not just by him, but by his brother too, and thats very unusual. Meet Liz and Alexis. Two sisters, who look nothing alike. It might seem like one of them is adopted and thats what Alexis wants everyone to think. But its not true of course, although one of them is hiding a secret. What could it be?

This is your not so typical werewolf story with a hint of romance. You think you know the ending already? Guess again and expect the unexpected xD

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alvy2saxgirl alvy2saxgirl Nov 27, 2011
I havent read this yet but i know i will love it cuz my best friend wrote it hahahaha LOVE YOU LLLIIIIZZZZZ <3
neosculturetech neosculturetech Nov 12, 2011
I love the title, I think that's the main part the readers will catch! And chapter 2. Is the same title as my story Twilight Mysterious Girl! Lol! :P voted!
NightDreaming NightDreaming Oct 20, 2011
Love this, it makes me want to read more, usually I think there are too many werewolf stories, but this one actually seems good, keep writing!
JadeJustin JadeJustin Oct 19, 2011
Wow very enticing and I cant wait to read more. Don't stop writing you are very talented.
mealle mealle Oct 18, 2011
I like it! although I find werewolf stories so overused this is actually good. I like the
                              originality of it and how it's title isn't like Omg I am a werewolf, your title make it intriguing without giving away the whole story. Nicely done :)
coolstoryliz coolstoryliz Oct 13, 2011
@automotivatorlove  thanks.The prologue is just basically what happened in the past, and its basically the duty of the werewolves to find this girl. I plan to add twist and turns along the story(: