Pirate Barnes || Bucky Barnes - prequel to Witch Hunt -

Pirate Barnes || Bucky Barnes - prequel to Witch Hunt -

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-- prequel to Witch Hunt --

*set five or six years prior to Witch Hunt*

At age 13, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes witnessed his mother being executed for being a witch.

At age 22, James has followed in his mothers footsteps as a witch for the past nine years, and has sworn vengeance on the woman who had caused his mother's death. His own aunt.

But James has decided that it's time to venture out on another path. The path of pirating. So he travels to the pirate port, Tortuga, hoping to join any crew that'll take him. Though, he never expected that he'd become something more with his captain, and that this isn't just any old pirating gig like he thought. Ghosts and the supernatural exist, and they're all chasing down one man. His captain....

Word Count: TBD