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S.J. Wist By SJWist Updated 4 years ago
My growing collection of written poetry and musings from Dragon Aster.
To be so loved...isn't that what we all would want. The time and place we meet is the right time...to be courageous enough to follow love's call...there's the rub...for once the opportunity passes, rare that it comes again...and if it comes back...perhaps it is too late..Loved the read. Write on.
This was truly amazing,it gave me chills and a heart ache as strong as an artist's passion to create.I was inspired by how many twists and ideas you can get from this...I hope that you continue to produce lovely poetry such as this that you have created now...
That was amazing . Your writing flows really well . I'm off to read the next part , you've got me intrested now .
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