The Feline

The Feline

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Laura By lauraelena1234 Updated Sep 01, 2015

She is a feline, a hybrid; a girl capable of shifting into a black lion, a white tiger, a cheetah and a saber tooth tiger. She's wilder, stronger and tougher than all of these felines mixed together. She does not remember her family. She has no Pride nor does she belong to one. And she's constantly on the run because of other shape shifter's and supernatural races.    

 So, what does she do when she finds out she is the mate of the King of the Werewolf race? And when Lucifer himself tells her she is his Queen? What will she do? Will she stay with the King, with Lucifer, or with her race?      


This is my disclaimer to the reader. This book is embarrassing to me ok. I have to edit this a lot and I haven't had the time to do so. Read at your own risk and don't bring negativity. 

Lots of love my sweetie.      -Laura.

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DeltaSnow DeltaSnow Aug 03
Being mated to the king of werewolves and Lucifer, who would you choose? Heck i wouldn't even share a second thought before i went with Lucifer
I don't understand,  she can probably kill them all. Why isn't that an option here
SpiritOfTheWild1234 SpiritOfTheWild1234 Mar 21, 2016
Technically we all have dreams each time we go to sleep. It's more a matter of i we remember them. Most of the time we don't of course.
thehuskypuppy1999 thehuskypuppy1999 Dec 22, 2015
Err I wish I was like her. I would love to be unique. And be bale to feel what it is like to be in the body of different animle
NC_Mary NC_Mary Dec 13, 2015
Next minute she meets a guy that actually talks to her instead of....oh i don't know capturing her
TheRoamingMind TheRoamingMind Aug 16, 2015
ummm.... not sure what this chapter was about.... and also, for a person who runs from any type of life for two hundred years suddenly gets attached to a mortal human is really good progress-too good to be real, just saying.