Truth be Told ✔️

Truth be Told ✔️

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Natalia Smith By nataliasmithss Completed

The rivalry between high schools is fierce. But the rivalry between Baylor High School and Brentwood High School was fiercer. 

When people come to these schools, they learn two very important things quickly. 
1. Every competition between these schools matters. If you lose, you are shamed. 
2. Absolutely NO contact with anyone from the other school

Alexa Baker had to live and die by these rules because her brother Seth promised that if she didn't, he would make the rest of her junior and senior year hell even when he was at college. He was the reigning senior state quarterback. He couldn't have his little sister of all people break these rules. 

So even with all of her curiosity towards the mysterious people of Brentwood High School, she stayed away and stuck with her friend group. 

Until a run in with a mysterious stranger at a sold out movie makes her rethink everything she thought she wanted. 

A conversation she overhead drags her into a secret bigger than the rivalry that shaped her childhood.

And Homecoming...well, Alexa's life would never truly be the same. For good or for bad.

***Completed August 22, 2018***