Reincarnated as The Hidden Queen

Reincarnated as The Hidden Queen

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M.N. Witch By MinnieNight Updated Dec 31, 2019

She was betrayed by the person she trusted the most, stabbed by the one she least expected and lied to by the world.

Tiana once had what people call a 'perfect' life even among the nobles. Her family loved her, her older brother constantly spoiled her.

She even had someone she could call little sister. 


She loved spoiling the girl.

Tiana had left but when she came back a shameless no name woman was bullying the child!

The sly woman even dared to act like a bunny in front of the others when in reality, she was a charmless fox.

Although she had constantly tried to clear up Eclair's name she found that with every word they had said, more and more people turned their back on them.

Things got out of hand, she was framed as well and met a tragic end.

But her story doesn't end. 

She was given a second chance in life. 

Reborn back to the past. This time she will protect those she holds dear. She will emerge victorious!


|Original image drawn by Mochi found on

|Cover made from Desygner in collaboration with wattpad.

|The cover is originally designed by me.