Reincarnated as The Hidden Queen

Reincarnated as The Hidden Queen

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M.N. Witch By MinnieNight Updated Apr 26

A young girl who died, reincarnated inside her  favorite otome game. Accepting her role as the hidden boss, she decided to prepare herself for her incoming end but come on. Why all the drama?

I mean. I'm the hidden evil boss who will ruin your life in the near future but why in the world are you all smiling hanging around me? Wait you aren't even supposed to be talking to me in the first place. Get out! 

This is trespassing!

Lately, I feel like I'm going to be killed in my sleep. Someone's been emitting the 'I'm jealous' aura.

Why the hell are you all around me?! Go away.


I'm running. And don't follow me!

It wasn't supposed to be like this...

Follow her as she choose her own path that may lead to: betrayal, happiness, sadness, loneliness, and lust for power.

Can she stop the darkness brimming around the corner? Or be devoured by the evil?

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