Things Not Subject To Gravity

Things Not Subject To Gravity

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Michael Shiva Surya By MichaelShivaSurya Updated Dec 07

"You sure have some screw loose," said Set running his hands over his face.

"Maybe or maybe I'm the only character of this story who knows the truth" considered Sybil gracefully shrugging it off. He played with the gold ring on his fourth finger, turning it around a couple of times, then he bent towards his guest leaning over the table to have a better look at him. "Set, do you think there is a fixed set of invisible rules? Do you believe in the concept of right and wrong?" he asked staring intently into his eyes.

"I believe in what I see," his guest replied drily.

"Even Newton when he discovered gravity believed in what he saw, yet there is an infinite number of invisible things and, among those, countless are the things not subjected to gravity," the Oracle explained, a soft smile hanging on his lips.

Set slapped his hands on the table and bent over too, glaring back at him.

"And what this has to do with me almost fucking your housekeeper?" he replied.

An eccentric metaphysical thriller, embedded with questionable personalities and teachings for the spiritual growth, opening the door to the exoteric world and holding the key to make all the mysteries disappear.

Mr. Green has been sent to New York, entitled with the task of finding Sybil Vain, an enigmatic fortune-teller known as The Oracle. Sybil Vain is looking for somebody else though; the boy of his dreams, more precisely the recurrent premonition of his own death. Set Voland is a street guy who attacked a child without apparent reasons and was caught by the police, but most importantly, well, he is that boy.
What if they gave you an impossible task?
What if you could predict your own death?
What if you were meant to kill somebody you don't even know?

The cover picture's credits go to @J26Design.

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AuteurZ AuteurZ Jan 21
Exciting preface you have here! But I got a bit confused by your sentence structure on this one : "From the day Sybil and Set were born..."and so on. That sentence is confusing and I couldn't understand what you were trying to explain 😁
I like spritual thrillar very much,  especially with 'sexy' around!!!  This kind of books should come more and more in the market.
Olubean Olubean Dec 08
                              This trailer really was something 🤣 Oh man, I am definitely hyped. I can't wait to get reading.
ACS2025 ACS2025 Oct 31
                              The novel looks beautiful from the title I will try to read it in my spare time
                              Thanks again