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Did It Have To Be You? (Wincest)

Did It Have To Be You? (Wincest)

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Zac Efron's Secret GF By fandom-ho Completed

Dean and Sam are brothers and they hunt the supernatural. Through everything, Dean realizes that he likes Sammy... a lot. He tries to let go of these feelings, but how can you do that when you're practically soulmates?
ALSO this is boyxboy so its a  guy liking another guy. Don't like? Don't read that simple

fookingbookz fookingbookz Feb 23, 2016
I'm actually kind of excited to read this. Is that bad? I don't ship wincest but I felt like reading this idk
DeliriousGamzee DeliriousGamzee Mar 09, 2016
I'm really excited to read this. I don't ship Wincest, but I couldn't help it. I love SPN too much. 😭😂
Dedelee Dedelee Aug 16, 2016
I just finished watching  a marathon of supernatural  and was searching through  wattpad and see your  story  can't wait to get started  excited
poisensoul poisensoul Mar 29, 2016
I feel bad for actually shipping this, not much as in OTP OTP but yeah :/
Slytherin_The_Ships Slytherin_The_Ships Mar 10, 2016
im excited! im barley on s5 e20 and my tv didnt let me watch it :( yyyyy
nickelbackfan987 nickelbackfan987 Dec 18, 2014
that's what i tell people all the time hahahhahaha everyone who loves supernatural should be loved SPN family for life