That Distant Dream (Wattys 2018)

That Distant Dream (Wattys 2018)

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17 years ago, Melin Grezzij ended a war. 

She didn't get to enjoy the peace.

When her escape pod was found floating in the debris of the explosion nearly two decades after the war ended, Melin woke from cryosleep to discover a world where she no longer belonged. Alone, broken in mind and body, and plagued by dreams of impossible things, Melin travels to her ancestors' home planet seeking a fresh start. 

But there are no fresh starts for heroes.

#38 highest rank in Sci-Fi
Runner up in the Luminescent Awards Category 2: 10k-100k reads

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This made me laugh...I have a character in my book whose nickname is Seri. 😂
Red_Leasia Red_Leasia May 05
 #WWBC Ok, so this looks like it could on the back of a really good novel. It definitely makes me want to read it.
Don't worry about shortening chapters, it is really not necessary, maybe you can just find a natural place where you can split them, and then have like 1.1, 1.2, etc. That is how I did mine
jan_fred jan_fred Feb 22
It is unwritten. And I like thick books. I think short chapters are for school children. Gives them a sense of accomplishment that they actually finished a chapter.
jumaiy jumaiy May 20
So how many words is the usual Wattpad chapter? (Sorry I’m new)
zanthenewt zanthenewt May 28
                              I Love this quote. Being by George Orwell, it makes me curious. Now doubt we’re to see some killer sci-fi that could come strata out of 1984!