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Legends fortold a legend of a hero. The legend was passed down generation to generation until one fateful day. Out of nowhere, a peculiar cobalt blue blur protected his homeland from the mad scientist's wrath and made friends and allies along the way. But nobody know of the blue blur's past.  And nobody knows that it may tied to what will happen.. a path leads to a  bright future or dark future.. how far will he go in order to gain power to protect things he promised he would protect? He could just let it go and let everything burn into ashes for all he cares. Like it would matter after what world had done to him in the past. But, that isn't him. He would never give in to his stupid cursed Destiny where he is playing the role of the villain. He didn't want that. He swear he would protect EVERYTHING. That is why he kept on fighting until his last breath. Although, he is only a lone, frail hedgehog. What can you expect from him? He has his breaking points too which bringing him one step closer to his Foreshadowed Destiny. All he could do is hope, hoping someone will save him from the nightmare he will soon become. Will there be anyone out there?


Cover by : PandaGirl