The Lady Pursues

The Lady Pursues

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She's an incorrigible flirt and he is certainly not tempted. Not one bit! Bright, optimistic, and possibly a bit naïve, Charity Crewe, the youngest in her family, grew up accustomed to being indulged in all things but one: her shameless attachment for Ian Douglass. 

Though Ian was raised on the estate and generously given lessons with the Crewe siblings, no one, especially Ian Douglass, has ever forgotten he is the housekeeper's son.  Charity Crewe may never have cared what anyone thought, but Ian certainly does.  He's worked too hard to secure his position to risk his livelihood, not to mention his mother's. He's discouraged her affections at every turn. 

However, while Charity is away gaining some polish, circumstances drastically change and  Charity must decide if she is willing to risk everything, even complete and utter ruin, in pursuit of the man she loves.

WARNING: I'm posting this novel as I draft. And this is a FIRST draft. I know it's not going to be perfect on the first pass, but I hope you all can bear with me as I explore the characters and the time period.

Authors note: The plan is a four-book series involving the Crewe siblings and another character you'll meet here. The plan is to write each one, posting here and eventually to either submit them for publishing or to self-publish with my one other work on Amazon (feel free to click the link in my profile and check it out. It's contemporary, but I think it's a lot of fun).  Anyway, I hope you enjoy Ian and Charity's story and that everyone else interests you enough to check out the next books in the series.  The plan is to post on Sundays and Thursdays. Let's hope I stick to it!

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