My Bad Boy Bestfriend (COMPLETED)

My Bad Boy Bestfriend (COMPLETED)

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A/N: Many, many MISTAKES are made in this book! Read at your own risks! You have all been warned! Will be edited soon :)

Jenna Parker and Jason O'Connor have been best friends since they were 3 years old, when they first met as next door neighbours and have been inseparable since. And now they are in their senior year of High School and are living the teenage life. Well kind of ...

Jenna is the out going good girl. She's pretty, sarcastic and a straight A student. She's always kind and has her fair share of close friends. 

Unlike her trouble making best friend ...

Jason is your typical bad boy. He's popular, absolutely gorgeous and has a degree in flirting. And of course he is a heart breaker. Not having a care in the world, this sexy  as sin man has a long que of girls falling at his feet. 

Despite everyone seeing his player side, he only shows his innocent, sweet side to his best friend; Jenna. 

They are complete opposites with just a hint of similarities. But they have known each other for years. They know each others likes and dislikes, they know each others most deepest secrets. 

Do they just take each other as best friends or do they want to be more?

Do they fall in Love or do they both end up in heart break?

With these questions swirling in our minds, let's see what happens ...

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Start: 10th March 2014
Finish: 13th December 2014

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this story is so underrated...It should have millions of comments
S_Pack S_Pack Oct 06, 2016
Hi! I just recently started a new book. Could anyone care to read? It's a love story of course but also some wolves and jealousy, hatred, be trail, confusing, and lots more!❤️
MollyNight2000 MollyNight2000 May 13, 2015
i just wish that ian was named damon and nina as elena.!! Gosh they r so cute nd i am too obsessed with vampire diaries nd it mah all tine favourite too.♥
ShanitaBonita ShanitaBonita Apr 07, 2015
Lol, I'm starting to get a tiny feeling you might watch The Vampire Dairies.