~Love story|| Taylor Swift adoption story~

~Love story|| Taylor Swift adoption story~

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Cadence P.O.V

Hi my name is Cadence Alvin Baxter I have 9 years and my birthday is the 23 of May. Sadly Im an orphan my mommy died when I was 2 because of cancer and 3 years later my daddy was mugged and killed I don't remember much of it the only thing I remember is a tall lady with black hair took me to a orphanage and since then Im here. I don't really like life in the orphanage I always get bullied by Velma because she says im not as pretty as her, the only thing that keeps happy is Taylor Swift I love love loveeeeee her music she's my favorite singer and idol my favorite song is Welcome To New York because I always wanted to visit New York and I hope one day I can.

"Cadence wake up they are visitors coming!" Someone shouted  I recognize that voice it was Miss Perez the owner of the orphanage "Okay" I said yawning and rubbing my eyes "Change quickly you only have 30 minutes to change and have breakfast"  said Miss Perez in a rush. I got up and put my 1989 t-shirt, my favorite blu...

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