Jigsaw | KHR

Jigsaw | KHR

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『ოყט』 By ama_tsuki_myu Updated Aug 12

It wasn't exactly his plan to be abandoned, twice in fact, in a span of less than a decade.

And neither did he expect the difficulty of finding pieces of the jigsaw puzzle known as "family"

And of course, who would expect that the family that initially abandoned him, would be his family now?

[Conclusion: Fate sucks.]

Hacker!Tsuna, Twin/Triplet fic, some plot I created which is non-cannon 

As far as I know, there is plenty of teasing, but I have not officially announced any particular shipping and there probably wouldn't be any for hundreds of chapters to come!

Disclaimer(!): The characters in KHR(Katekyo Hitman Reborn) do not belong to me! Only the plot does!

rewrite of my other khr fanfinction.
*I can't write for the sake of my life but I'll try!
*Plotholes aplenty
*OOC alert
*Ignore the chapter titles if you want, they are quite nonsensical
*Inconsistent update schedule

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