Death Note: A New Generation

Death Note: A New Generation

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Sabrina By Sabrila Updated Feb 22, 2011

Many years have passed by since the so 

called 'Kira' had passed away in an unpleasant death. Once Kira was 

dead, and the deaths among criminals had stopped, Rumors starting 

spreading around that the great Kira may not be that great now. Some 

think Kira just quit. Some think the police caught him, but didn't release

any information on it.

Then, after 5 years, The police finally announced

that Kira is dead. Since this news came out, The criminals started getting

worse. More crimes broke out through out the Kantō region in Tokyo. 

It once again became garbage. But even worse. N has passed away at a young age, 

and now needs a new replacement. But, since there will be a new great 

detective, That also means that there now has to be a new Kira.

DominoButterfly DominoButterfly Jun 27, 2011
Ahhh >.< Im so jelouse! You seem to write your story with ease! Your chapters never stray from your point and fit togeather so well. it seems as though you just thought it up as you went! i sirt of...struggle with mine and i would love if you taught me how.. how you do that..