N and L (NaLu version from A & D)

N and L (NaLu version from A & D)

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Jimin's and V's By annie_anime19 Updated May 19, 2015

Everyone at school thinks Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel shouldn't be friends. 


Because Lucy is a huge nerd, and Natsu is....well, not.

He's only the most popular guy in school, and dating the most popular girl, head cheerleader Lissana Strauss.

They're not supposed to be friends. But they are.

And Lucy isn't supposed to be in love with her bestfriend. But she is.

Will Lucy opt to remain friends with Natsu? Or will she give up their friendship and finally confess her love to him instead?

mille52505 mille52505 Jun 20, 2016
But what about tøp it's not rap it's not hip hop just another attempt to make the voices stop
DeliveryGodYato_ DeliveryGodYato_ Jun 13, 2016
Animelover2101 Animelover2101 Apr 10, 2016
Non of my best friends read or watch anime.......maybe I need a new bff???
_Otaku_NaLu_16 _Otaku_NaLu_16 Jul 01, 2016
What?! Did they switch body's or something cause Natsu isn't like...it's a big no,no! He actually used the big word...that's great!
Piper2010 Piper2010 Jun 07, 2016
Well I'm now almost certain this is a death note fanfic in disguise
OMG_READ OMG_READ Dec 16, 2016
i like more of a softer rock ( if there even is such a thing )not punk metal rock.