The Forbidden Daughter Of Hades

The Forbidden Daughter Of Hades

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Vocalist_Joi_13/7 By ajoifuls1ngr137 Updated Nov 01, 2018

Nico di Angelo's mom had another daughter right before she died. Unfortunately, her daughter also died along with Maria. But one day, in the twenty first century,  someone decided to bring her back without knowledge of her siblings before they came out of the Lotus Casino. The now resurrected daughter of Maria (and Hades) is in an orphanage, living in the shadows, and completely excluded from the outside world, still remembering that final song her mother sang before she 'abondanded' her, along with the rest of her family.
Until one day, she met Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, who realized she was a demigod and immediately brought her to camp. She got claimed on that very moment and met her long-lost brother, Nico.
Now, once the new prophecy comes, she now realizes she was the forbidden daughter of Hades. She must go on a quest with an old friend and her new sibling, to journey to Olympus to stop another fight between the gods, or else, who knows what the consequences might await them.
And by she, I mean me, the forbidden daughter of Hades, Celeste di Angelo, and this is my life as a demigod.
I do not own any of the characters of any stories that Rick Riordan wrote about Percy Jackson. I am only responsible for Celeste di Angelo, and other characters that aren't from the original series. I am but an imaginative writer creating stories for others' enlightenment. Thank you.

This book is currently on hold so I can work on my other stories.

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