His Light (rewritten)

His Light (rewritten)

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~This is the rewritten version!~ 

She was unfamiliar with the word love, mistakingly taking the actions of verbal abuse as tough love. But she was just a naive and broken little girl when her parents died and was put into the care of her grandparents. She didn't know any better but to believe that everyone had a heart, or at least a beating one. So when she meets someone who doesn't seem to have either, it's only natural for her to be curious. 

As a kid he was used to getting nearly no attention from his parents, always getting cast off to the side like he didn't exist. It became normal for him as he drilled it inside his mind that no matter what, he will always love his family. But as time went by so did his love for his family. His emotions became nonexistent until he knew nothing but anger and pain. But one dark encounter with a girl was all it took for him to finally find those lost emotions.

~Thank you so, so much for reading!~

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