Blissful Despair ~> Tony Stark

Blissful Despair ~> Tony Stark

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Tony Stark By AlexandraGiovanni Completed

Meet Valentina Montenegro, whose inevitable charm helped pave her road to fame. Being one of this decade's most respected lawyers, Valentina's hard work and effort helped her achieve and create a name for herself, allowing her to open her own Law Firm. With her luxuriant, wavy brownish blonde hair and her remarkable plump lips, she managed to turn heads of every passer-by. 

Meet Anthony Stark, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. The mere mention of his name had women dropping their panties and had men burning with jealousy. He has the power to walk into a room and hold your attention without even uttering a word or glancing your way. 

Undoubtedly, she was one of the most enchanting women he had ever encountered. But she saw the pain behind that signature smirk. She saw the hurt in his brown eyes when everyone else paid no mind, and so she helped him. 

She helped him be the man he is today. Standing by  him through everything. She was a shoulder to cry on in times of grief, and a source of guidance if he ever did lose his way. 

She was the centre of his world. 

She was everything he ever needed.

Only she wasn't his. 

And he knew that someday....

She would leave like the rest of them.


"You're my friend and you'll always be in my life, but...she's it."


"You go without it long enough, and you realise it's everything." 


Contains mature scenes and strong language, read at your own risk.

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