Cross-dresser || M.Yg

Cross-dresser || M.Yg

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"I like you..." she confessed and you choked on her words. Your eyes popping out in disbelief. That's why she was checking you out, you thought.

You smiled weakly, "That's nice but.. I am.. I am straight.."

"Even I am." she winked.

"Eh?" you were confused as why on the earth a girl would confess a girl if she is straight but you took that 'like' as different kind of like, a friendly one.

"I want to date you."

Boom another shock. She must be having some mental problem you thought.

"Sorry, but I am straight I don't date girls."
you thought she will understand what you wanted to convey but then you flinched when she started laughing.

Geez, you got scared due to that and you just stood infront of her like a statue.

"I am a man."



Life with Yoongi is not easy especially when he is a Cross-Dresser by profession. This man full of mystery when crosses your path, your life changes completely.

You find his friendly side adorable when he dresses up like a girl but then his dominant side makes you go weak and wet.

Sometimes, you doubt his love for you and it makes you rethink your decision of falling for 'Mean Yoongi'.

Dreams, Desires, Jealousy, Love, and Sêx life with a cross dresser.

Kim Jihyun(You)
Min Yoongi


》Cold hearted series #Book 3《

Cover by: @aerhopeplane 


Mature content
(Come on, who doesn't like Suga's tongue technology being used in a different way.)

Drafted: 12 Jan 2018
Published: 28 Oct 2018
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