The Nerd's Secret Life (Wattys2014)[MAJOR EDITING!]

The Nerd's Secret Life (Wattys2014)[MAJOR EDITING!]

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Hailey Elizabeth White is the schools nerd.

 She gets picked on and teased because of how she dresses. She wears baggy jeans, giant sweatshirts that hide her body and old beat up tennis shoes.

 And no, she doesn't wear those over sized 'nerd' glasses.

 Hailey has two lives. Her school life, and her home life.

 At school, Hailey is known as the nerd, but once Hailey gets home the baggy clothes get replaced with leather pants, leather jackets, tank tops, and combat boots.

 Hailey's parents are apart of the F.B.I. So Hailey has spent her whole life training to become an agent to fight crime and save lives.

 Her two lives have always been completely separate from each other.

 But what happens when her parents give her her first job, and she has to protect a certain someone and there family.

 Her job? To look after none other then the schools rich, star quarterback, playboy who bullies her.

 Cory Nelson and his family.

 Cory Nelson has it all. Life couldn't be better for him.

 His dad was a manager at a big time business law firm, while his mother was a very successful doctor.

 His life seems to be amazing. Except there's a crazed stalker after him and his parents and wants to see them all dead.

Nobody knows who's after the Nelson family. The only thing they know is that it's a guy. No one knows why he's after the Nelson family, but he's been sending messages to the F.B.I saying he's going to kidnapped them and murder them all.

 But there's a catch, the Nelson family has no idea that there's someone out there who want's to see them all dead. The F.B.I want's Hailey to protect the family secretly, so they never find out what's going on.

 Will Hailey be able to figure out who's threatening to kill the Nelson family all while keeping her secret? Or will having her two completely different worlds collide only 'cause chaos and trouble?

*The awesome book cover is made by TheBlueMelodiam :D♥*

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