He Hates Me I Hate Him Then He Kissed Me [Slash!]

He Hates Me I Hate Him Then He Kissed Me [Slash!]

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Blue, yes that's really it. By Cresil21 Completed

Beware! Boyxboy! You've been warned! XD It's my first so be nice!

(Future steamy scene!) Woah! :O

He push me onto the bed, my heart jumped into gear making my breath slightly strangled and ragged when he let his lips crash into mine as he climbed onto me. His hips grinded on me and his tongue enstrangled mine. My tongue struggled to keep up with his as his hands began to roam my body, one in particular raised me up to meet his body and caressed my spine at the same time. Suddenly his mouth parted from mine and I winced in protest. His mouth was on my ear his panting breath ruffled my hair, he chuckled making a shiver go down my spine.

What do you think? Seems like it will do. Yeah, it will do! :)

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