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The Life of Athena; Tony Stark's Daughter(Steve Rogers/Captain America Fan Fic)

The Life of Athena; Tony Stark's Daughter(Steve Rogers/Captain America Fan Fic)

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Jenny Stark By NerdAlertz Updated Jun 19

Tony and his fiancee are woken up in the middle of the night by the sounds of a baby crying. They find a beautiful baby girl wrapped in what seems to be a gold basket outside their Malibu home, with a letter containing the baby's name and info. Both Tony and Susan take her in and become the baby's parents.   Years later, Tony realizes that as Athena keeps growing into a young woman, he becomes a protective father, since his daughter has almost all the boys after her, and she ends up falling for a super soldier, a living legend. But despite that fact, Tony sees a change in Athena that he can't explain. Athena has supernatural powers that she can't even explain her self. Where did these powers come from? Where is Athena from really?

I don't own any other characters but Athena as my own made up, everyone else is by Marvel and Stan Lee

Supergirl_00 Supergirl_00 Jun 20, 2016
Haha that's legit the most realistic reaction I've read in a fanfic... is it wrong that I'm laughing 😂
SkyWingandRedHood SkyWingandRedHood Apr 19, 2016
laughs dark and evil and rubs hands together. Lets get this party started!!!!( haha spends to much time with Mr.J and Harley Quinn...hehehe)  HAHAhhahahHAHhahAHhAHAHahahhhaa!!
AliceWolfeCheshire AliceWolfeCheshire Jun 05, 2016
Well that's new. She is legit the daughter of Iron man, you figure stuff like this isn't that surprising
Dun_Goofed Dun_Goofed Sep 20, 2015
Omg I literally was watching iron man with my dad right now and we busted laughing at this part totally forgetting it was in the movie! XD
supernova_01 supernova_01 Jan 12, 2015
OMG Caesars palace was where the dance compaction the vortex was held in step up all In amazing movie amazing dancing
princessofnargles princessofnargles Dec 29, 2014
I felt really weird reading this because my name is Christine.