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ღ Diabolik Lovers: The Twin Brides ღ

ღ Diabolik Lovers: The Twin Brides ღ

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Shadow-Mei By Shadow-Mei Updated Mar 02, 2015

[Edit/Revise in process]
Summary: Minori and her twin sister, Yui, are forced to live in the Sakamaki mansion with six brothers. Not once have they given up on hope of escaping. However, each passing day they spend with these brothers. They learn more about them and themselves. Soon attractions overcome fear as well as jealousy erupts. That's not all. Slowly something inside them become to unhinged.

Rating: T for now

Pairings: Subaru/Minori(OC), Reiji/Minori(OC), Shu/Minori(OC), Ayato/Yui, Laito/Yui, Kanato/Yui

Story Contains: BadGrammar/Spelling(English isn't my first language:l), Lemons(WAY later on), Swearing, Romance, Drama, Angst, and I honestly don't know what else-.-

Disclaimer: I don't own Diabolik Lovers or its characters. I only own my OCs

AlexielAvadonia AlexielAvadonia May 02, 2016
Naïve. She is very Naïve. It's to a point to where she is Mary-Sue. (You're character is cool, though)
SolitarySoldiers SolitarySoldiers May 11, 2016
Mickey- Haha if Mikey was stuck with pink eyes😂
                              Mikey- You do realise that means you would have them too... Right?
                              Mickey-😐NO...GOD PLEASE NO!!!
__Fluff__ __Fluff__ Feb 08, 2016
Admin 3 ) I'm feeling the lightnings color and the rain makes pretty sounds...what is wrong with me ._.)
                              Admin 2 ) ..Agree with Oliver.. :3 but I wouldn't want to get my new band shirt ruined~
                              Admin 1 ) *hides under blanket and cries* 
                              Admin 2&3 ) *sighs* oh fluff..
merrytail123 merrytail123 Oct 23, 2016
__Fluff__ __Fluff__ Feb 08, 2016
Admin 2 ) hahaha nope, and I can relate to this character ~ //grins// 
                              admin 1 ) *muffles tugging on Oliver's sleeve * oni-chaaann~ // whimpers // something's gonna happen ;-; 
                              Admin 3 ) yes ! Finally some actionnnn!
Turtle10000000000 Turtle10000000000 Dec 05, 2016
I sir, take offense to the fact that my beautiful bae is being forced into a pairing with YUI