His Wife's Heartbreak

His Wife's Heartbreak

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Sequel to 'I Sold My Virginity'

Hi! If you're new. This is my second book. I suggest reading 'I Sold My Virginity' first. Please do so you are not lost at all.

Joshua Maxwell bought something from Valentina Matrix. It was supposed to be a one time deal, but then he fell in love and they got married. Five years later Joshua accepts the truth and wants to be in Valentina's life again. Will she let him in?

"How could you do this?" He asked softly. 

"Do what?"

"Keep my son from me"

"How could you file for divorce without an explanation?"

"I... had an explanation"

"Not a good one. So therefore I kept him a secret from you"

"He can't be mine! I know you Valentina you wouldn't keep something that big from me"

I wanted to turn around and slap him across the face. How dare he say he knows me? We were together for one year and apart for five. We didn't know each other at all. "You didn't deserve to be in his life. I'll give you an ultimatum" I said.

"You can be in Kenny's life" I said quickly. "Or you can live happily with this girlfriend of yours and you will never see Kenny or me ever again"

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Please don't make me remind THAT dreadful moment.... I can already picture him kneeling and - and.......
I thought it's Valentina and i was like "Wait whut?? I thought they're mad at each other or something" but then i read it again and i was like "ohhhhh"
Who is he again? I read the book months ago so I don't exactly remember,
Hallie842 Hallie842 Jul 21
I read the last book from 2:00 am to 5:00 am. My heart hurts
Alarossa Alarossa Oct 29
Why everyone getting angry?  He didn't do any wrong. I mean he tried but pulled of and making up for it now.
And if he knows he caused all that damaged, he’s trying to help her.