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Daughter Who || Doctor Who Fanfiction

Daughter Who || Doctor Who Fanfiction

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Monka By Nonja18 Updated May 11

[ This story is being very slowly edited. Forgive me.]

After his explosive regeneration leaves the TARDIS on a crash course for London, the Eleventh Doctor is saved from death by a familiar face. A confusing situation becomes trouble when out of the wreckage, not only does he come face-to-face with young Amelia Pond, but with his own daughter .

 Something has brought Elijah back from the dead, and like the Doctor knows, that something is impossible: a force that strong is something both father and daughter fear as its intentions stalk their every decision. 

Joined with a new man - a new terrifying part of her father - Elijah learns of the future she was brought back for. As old enemies arise, all carrying the same knowledge, the Doctor and Amy, must not only fight to save the universe, but also the life of his daughter. 

Only, the silent menace that haunts the shadows of Elijah's night terrors may be closer then they think.


Doctor Who © to BBC. 
Elijah Coffey and additional plots © to Nonja18

-deansbaby -deansbaby Jan 30
readingkittylover readingkittylover Aug 11, 2016
I love how you wrote about you on this. I feel the same way on this.
ShadowsLover1 ShadowsLover1 Jan 12, 2016
Is there a book before this?  Or is this the girl from when the Doctor was cloned. Sorry I'm confused xD
ImDUNwithyourshit ImDUNwithyourshit Aug 27, 2015
You may not like 9 but I do. I like all of the doctors. At least he tried to be the doctor
whovian-Leo-Valdez whovian-Leo-Valdez Jun 24, 2015
I thought by " the other one " you meant Christopher e. ( I don't know how to spell his last name. I was like :/
bubblez58a bubblez58a May 13, 2015
Reign of cool bow ties, fish fingers and custard and a lot of geronimos!!!!