《|》Mythed University《|》

《|》Mythed University《|》

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Loli By Biirbiie Updated Dec 18, 2018

Jon is, as is classified as normal in human society. There is nothing setting him apart from a normal 19 year old boy.

The tables turn, though, when his parents find something... abnormal about him, and ship him off to a college he's never even heard of.

Will Jon be able to fit in with his new group of "friends"? Will Jon even survive? Probably not, let's be honest. Wait, shit, was I not supposed to say that? Goddamit---


WARNING - This story contains, Homocide, Attempted Homocide and Suicide, Suicide, Betrayal, Gayness, Kind-of Cheating on Love Interests.

This story is written in Jon's POV!

It is a university AND a mythical creatures AU put into one that I originally posted a oneshot of in my book. It was my favourite one and I decided to write this! I hope you enjoy it!

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