The alphas mates is a horse shifter  ! What?

The alphas mates is a horse shifter ! What?

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Chloe+Blue By ChloeKirk6 Updated Mar 23, 2015

What happens when a rare white Arab werehorse mare/girl meets her mate and he turns out to be a werewolf and the alpha of the most feared pack called Dark Moon Pack ???

TheDivergentGamesCHB TheDivergentGamesCHB Feb 20, 2016
Wow. All those haters out there hatin' calm the fudge down and get over the fact that we all make spelling mistakes!
TheAnimalIHaveBecome TheAnimalIHaveBecome Jul 28, 2015
Sorry but how is it that there bother and sister and have two completely different colors without a spot of another color?
lilly-bright lilly-bright Jan 02, 2015
omg i laughed so much at the name that i have to read this alsome sounding book
Apocalyptic-Raven Apocalyptic-Raven Jul 10, 2014
You spelled herd wrong, herd as in herding animals is spelled the same as herd as in a group of horses