Tales From A Storyteller

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Melody Wilson By SecretMae Updated 3 years ago
Storytelling has been around for years. Nobody knows when the first story could have been told, or why the art of storytelling began. It is believed that storytelling is ancient and as long as humans could speak stories were told. Lately in our world storytellers use written words to convey their tales, rather then only by voice. So I introduce you to, 'Tales from a Storyteller', a book of short stories. As multiple varieties of tales have been told for centuries; this book is no different with its differing genres.
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Humans do really need to give some thoughts on it. Its a great story and I love it ! Thanks for posting this up, it sure brings out the cruel fact that shouldn't be ignored. :)
I think this is an interesting way to write a story, making the reader the main character. I don't agree with hunting either.
This is really good... I'm glad you wrote it on deer and not on chicken, though, because then every time I ate chicken, I would feel guilty! Haha, this is written really well though, aside from a couple of grammatical errors (which can be easily edited) Nice job. :)
Dang! I never thought about that before I'm almost ashamed to eat meat. Smh lol
@SecretMae Oh my gosh, I think about it. I love meat, but before I eat, I silently thank the animal for giving it's life so that I can eat. Most think I'm mad, but I feel the need to thank the animal for it's sacrifice.
Wow, now that is sad.  Animal stories always make me cry and I hate hunters.