Pin Straight

Pin Straight

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Lilly found a girl who she thought she could share her life with. A girl with long black hair and bright eyes but there was just one little problem. That girl didn't know she liked girls -- a girl who said she was as pin straight as her ebony tresses. So, this was going to be harder than she originally thought.

Still,  she wasn't about to give up. Especially when everything she has ever wanted was right in front of her eyes.

The story of a girl trying to figure out who she is, along with who she loves — the girl that once had her heart or the one who is slowly stealing it day by day.

{Sequel to CURLS}
{Poetry #59 / Romance #481}
{Poetry #57 / Romance #463}
{Poetry #55 / Romance #425}

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I don't really have any cause to relate to this piece but for some reason I just couldn't stop turning the page. It was very well crafted in it's simplicity yet deep in its feeling and meaning. not too dramatic yet not to repetitive, just a well told tale of love's fickle whims.