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Call of a Siren: Book #1

Call of a Siren: Book #1

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Kat By RostosGirl Completed

Sirens, seductresses of the sea. They were once said to be bird-like creatures with the head of a woman, and scaly feet. They would use their bewitching voices to lure sailors to death upon the rocks of their home. One day, Hera, queen of the gods, convinced them to enter a singing contest with the Muses. Sadly, the sirens lost, and the Muses plucked their feathers to make crowns. Distraught over the loss of their feathers and wings, the sirens flung themselves into the sea, where they grew a tail similar to a fish or dolphin. They continued to sing their songs of death, and are said to still linger within our seas to this day.
Ariel Oceanus is a siren. Unlike the popular myths, she walks on land like any other human being. The only way you could tell she was a siren was her voice. The voice she used to express all the pent up anger and sadness over her mother's death. On her death bed, her mother had but three wishes.
"Go to Alan Deaton in Beacon Hills, he will protect you. Hide what you are, my daughter, hide your song. Lastly, protect your heart from the evils of men. Do not let them break it as they have mine."
Following her mother's wishes, Ariel goes to Beacon Hills. She's been there for a year, and has seen more than anyone would think. She has seen the kills of Alpha Peter Hale, the death of Kate Argent, which she may have caused, the death of Peter Hale, and the whole Kanima incident. Finally able to go to an actual school in her junior year, she finds two packs waiting for her. She keeps her identity secret, and almost never sings. What happens when some people find out her secret? Will her wish to stay out of the packs' differences be ignored?
I do not own Teen Wolf, its characters, and some of the stuff on sirens used!

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1-800-oof 1-800-oof May 07
My schools crazy if you ended up saying that one teacher would count it as a threat and another teacher would just laugh like y’all teachers bipolar af
- - Feb 08, 2016
KTKat4 KTKat4 Sep 25, 2015
I was so happy I clicked on this story! I've been wanting to read a story like this but I couldn't find a good one. I finally found it!
TheCheshireCatAddict TheCheshireCatAddict Jul 22, 2015
When I read this part in the description I was like "Whattttttt" didn't know it was gonna be a Teen wolf story
wonderswoman wonderswoman Jun 28, 2015
Dude the closest I get to poetry is "the cat sat on the mat as he held his bat." So your pretty great at it!!
beverlydecker beverlydecker Mar 22, 2015
Oh gosh!! Ids soooo cool how u merge the Teen Wolf S3 Episodes into this book!! Totally awesome!!