Sharing The Spotlight ~Singer!Laurance x Singer!Reader~

Sharing The Spotlight ~Singer!Laurance x Singer!Reader~

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alexandra <3 By DramaQueen235 Updated 4 days ago

My music is all I care about. The song writing, music videos, going into the recordong studio, everything. I love it all. 

Of course I love music in general, but knowing that this is my music is specail. 

My band and myself help each other create the beauty we call music, and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Our songs and everything that goes with it is my one true love. 

At least, that was what I thought. That was until I opened up my eyes to more than just the songs themselves. 

Of course realizing this came in parts that I didn't necessarily think I would have to face. 

I'm sixteen, and I know it's about that time that I stop focusing so much on music and finding out the true meaning of love. 

It'll take time, but I'm willing the share the spotlight with somebody else. 


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