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The Avengers and Percy Jackson

The Avengers and Percy Jackson

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phix By always_bookish Completed

"So what's happening, is that you randomly pick up poor, pitiful teenagers, like myself, I must mention, off the streets from New York and say, 'Hey, I want you...Join us or die.' Can we just talk about how utterly rude that is? Is that how you guys started off?"

"Percy Jackson, we know all about you. Who you are, where you live, what you do-" 

"More like the Worlds Mightiest Stalkers."


Percy Jackson has joined the Avengers by a strange turn of events. Now that Loki was said to have returned, gathering more forces to make a new army, the Avengers prepare for another war on Earth. Percy, still having flashbacks and nightmares about Tartarus, sharpens his wits when 'apparently', Loki is trying to get him on his side. Enemies have risen. Sides will be chosen. The world could crumble down at their feet. But what if the enemy... Isn't that one they should be targeting?

*immediately starts thinking of when Shiro was taken by the Galra
I do this all the time XD Just not cotton balls. There these tissues that release this stuff and it feel soooooo funny when you stick them up your nose. IDK why we're even having this conversation XD
Snowdrop899 Snowdrop899 Apr 21
I've never tried to sniff a cotton ball before. Maybe I will try it
Okay,so you seem chill,so I'm just gonna ask you:
                              Do you mind me correcting any misspells,grammar errors,or personality mimicking errors? 
                              I'll try not to do it so much that it becomes annoying but it should be understandable as my age range is between 10-12
JosephLax JosephLax Apr 03
Leo cannot be dead he is the bad boy supreme commander in of the Argo II and most importantly flamin' mchsnizzle
Wait what about Death breath pinecone face ???  U still alive