The Contract (NaLu Fanfic)

The Contract (NaLu Fanfic)

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👑 Rein Astraea By JeRein_14 Updated May 09, 2014

Lucy Heartfilia, top 1 student of Fairy Tail High is force to be the pretend girlfriend of the campus heartthrob, Natsu Dragneel. His reason, to make his childhood friend and first love jealous. Lucy, being blackmailed, is forced to agree and sign a contract as proof of their agreement. Will they succeed? Or will they fall for each other despite the rules of the contract they signed?

This story's book cover was made by my best friend/Illegitimate Twin, @12CheshireCat
Credits goes to her.. :)

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Natsu-kun is not smart people the girls falling for him just said that because someone started a rumor and it spread like wild fire to his fangirls in that school
xxOLESIAxx xxOLESIAxx Jan 09
Well.....we all know this is the only thing different from what NATSU is like..GENIUS ????
I bet Natsu  is one of the suitors and he made her be his pretend to be his fake girlfriend to make her like him. You know because Lucy doesn't pay attention to her suitors .
                              Ps. No I have not read the book
Nalu4lifez Nalu4lifez Feb 26
Unbeliveable, NATSU DRAGNEEL, smart! There must be some mistake
@Crazy_Cute459 try this one and walang basagan ng trip dahil mahilig ako sa fairy tail especially NaLu
TheNaluTaco TheNaluTaco Jan 11
I heard Natsu and genius in the same sentence, Wuuuuut? Is this real? Natsu a genius!?!?