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Conflicted (boyxboy)

Conflicted (boyxboy)

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Skylar By InfamousLove Updated Feb 21

Riley isn't the social type, or the open type. But when his mother gets married to a wealthy business man and he has to move in with his 10 sons, he is forced to change. Not only because he has to live with ten boys, but because they all seem to take interest in him (and not in the step-sibling way either).
    Warning: a fair few adult themes ;)

He doesnt find it weird at all that they all keep calling him cute
I have a yellow Labrador too☺️ she's my pride and joy😘
Sooooo people that are overweight or have glasses or both aren't cute?
Daughterofhades126 Daughterofhades126 Oct 12, 2016
Phil is that you ?
                              You cannot escape the phandom no one can !
AquaTorrent AquaTorrent Aug 14, 2016
When i read the name Hunter i automaticly tought [Hunter Rowland!] 😂😅😇
StreZZed StreZZed Nov 07, 2016
Bitch, my step-Lil brother is stil my brother there ain't any difference whatsoever we ain't siblings by blood but we are siblings by heart 😤 and hes  the most adorable little meme-driven chipmunk I've ever met