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Conflicted (boyxboy)

Conflicted (boyxboy)

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Skylar By InfamousLove Updated Jun 17

Riley isn't the social type, or the open type. But when his mother gets married to a wealthy business man and he has to move in with his 10 sons, he is forced to change. Not only because he has to live with ten boys, but because they all seem to take interest in him (and not in the step-sibling way either).
    Warning: a fair few adult themes ;)

Why are people getting offended by the term 'chocolatey skin'? I refer to my own skin as chocolate (though I'm not black, my skin is just very dark)
ZitaSzab8 ZitaSzab8 5 days ago
In hungary Luca is a girl name. It will be a little confusing for me but I will deal with it.
jasmin_wants_bxb jasmin_wants_bxb 2 days ago
😂😂😂😂 he must be Latino because we all know the power of that race ( manly because I'm Hispanic and has about 11 different uncles and aunts one one side of the family😑)
cupcakes6335 cupcakes6335 14 hours ago
Fûcking birds. I hate them. My parrot betrayed me and flew off with his lil bag of groundnuts just last month.
Wolfhowl205 Wolfhowl205 4 days ago
I don't think anyone realizes that it's illegal to have a peregrine falcon as a companion without a license. He is breaking the law😂
Jack-Hack101 Jack-Hack101 3 days ago
Thinking of Markiplier here even though he dyed his hair back to original color hmhmhmhmhm