Flight School: Prey

Flight School: Prey

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Lydia O. Red By theCuppedCake Updated Jul 24

There is an island in the sky, and not everyone can see it.

A harmless village boy living in the rural lands, Iolani Tori is afraid of heights and loud noises. Taken by surprise when he receives a mysterious letter addressed to him, Io finds out that the floating island wasn't a figment of his imagination after all.

A talking sparrow;
An eagle's eye,
A waiting vulture
And a silent night.

I kinda just skimmed it at first then I saw this and now. .........
                              HOGWARTS! FREAKING MINERVA MCGONAGALL
Me and my friends are reading at the same time and some of them said Angel Island from Sonic but I was like,"Dudes,have you played Minecraft?"
I keep thinking about the owl from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"
Very smart 4 year old.....I have a horrible memory but I'm like 90% sure I was lying brat at four........