Black Clover One-Shots [Black Clover]

Black Clover One-Shots [Black Clover]

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Shimosu By Shimosu Updated Dec 02, 2018

One-shots with the people of Black Clover!

[Name] refers to the Reader, A.K.A YOU. YES, YOU.


Same as in the Saint of Balance, [Name] is the reader. But this doesn't take place in that fanfic. I may include OC'S from my other Black Clover fanfics if it fits. Not [Name] from Saint of Balance, since having two [Name]'s would be confusing.

Anyways, I'll put in the titles of the chapters like this if it's a love triangle.


Asta X Reader X Yuno - _____

If it ISN'T a love triangle, and a single person, it'll look like...


Asta - _____

For a bit more information, look in the Request Page.


No lemons, lime, etc. JUST UNTIL I can get used to writing those things... which is probably gonna take a while. T^T

Also, it can get my devices taken away. Then no more writing.

I'm terrible in Human Anatomy, and there shall be no limes, or lemons.

If any of the one-shots resemble anything else, other than Black Clover, then it's purely coincidental.

Also, because school has started for me, expect slower updates.

Published - 2/18/18

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