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Raped By My Alpha Mate

Raped By My Alpha Mate

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the_no_name_girl By the_no_name_girl Completed

Rape- the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

Emily William never had the best life. Her packed never liked her nor did her parents. All she ever wanted was to feel loved by someone. Soon to be 16 and couldn't be any happier. All she wanted was to have a normal life with loving parents but she never got them so she was finally happy to meet her mate. So her mate could get her out of the hell hole she calls home. But what she never expected was that her mate was the soon to be Alpha, Eli Willson. Nor did she expect to get raped by her mate either. Will Emily ever find happiness. What about her mate, well she ever forgive him of all the horrible things he has done to her or will their be someone else. Read to find out in 'Raped By My Alpha Mate'.

Alright guys so the description might not be the best. But please give my book a try. It's my first book ever to write and I'm really excited to share out all my ideas that I have for th...

Spongebobtheshit Spongebobtheshit 2 days ago
I would have grabbed his leg pulled him down and would have 🔪🔪🔪
ice_qreenm ice_qreenm Nov 09, 2016
Lmao, me when I pass hard exams, it's too good to be true 😂
Beach who tf u talkin to hoë I will beat yo ugly hiv having azz and take off your nails one by one bish don't play
CielPhantomhiveisBae CielPhantomhiveisBae Jun 15, 2016
Justin Bieber always comes to my mind when I hear what do you mean!
ice_qreenm ice_qreenm Nov 09, 2016
Look what you did! You've just charged up my temper to 1000 percent, your going to dieeee!!!
doglover0001 doglover0001 May 01, 2016
If someone threatens me or my family, you better take of running.  And since I do not wear ear rings,  it is much easier.  I feel mean lol