Sakura No Akatsuki | Naruto

Sakura No Akatsuki | Naruto

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It's been like this for years. Neglected, hated, unwanted. I've always dreamt of the day Sasuke would come home and everyone will stop mistreating me. It wasn't my fault that Sasuke left, but everyone is convinced I caused him to leave.

He wanted revenge, not hope, not love. Just vengeance. I walked to the Hokage's office, the one place where I know I'm wanted and treated fairly. Master never believed a word that came out of Ino's mouth.

She would always say,"You couldn't convince him to stay and your too weak to come and help on missions! Your dead weight!"

Was it true? Am I deadweight? Am I weak? Did Lady Tsunade take me as her apprentice out of pity? I heard Master talking to Shizune while I was behind the door.

"She is a mistake, useless. She is only good for healing! Sakura is a mistake! I'm only sending her on this mission because nobody else wanted it and if she dies, no one will care," she said. My conclusion was right. I am unwanted, 


I knock on the door and h...

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