Recurring Past

Recurring Past

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Hadassah By Hadassah16 Updated May 04

He pinned her to the wall she was so fragile, his actions scared her, without warning, her legs became weak.
He yelled in anger, "Woman like you will never change", she blinked and realized he is talking about her.

She didn't knew what was her mistake, what went wrong, she was battling not to cry infront of him.

"I thought you might have changed in all these years but you are still the same", he continued. She kept looking at him, to get a hint of her mistake.

"If money was all you needed, then you could have asked me, I might have thrown a ten times more amount on your face". She was puzzled unknown of what happened and why is he yelling her.

"I don't like calling woman by this name, but you force me to do so, you are just a bit...", he stopped without continuing.

Hearing this her eyes widened and tears came running down through her cheeks.

"Get lost from here, and dont show your face here after, I feel disgusted touching you", with that he left from that place.

She stood there for a while and tears flew from her eyes without a stop.

Vivek CEO of a business empire, the monstorous boss who doesn't spare anyone. 
Jenny the naive one, joins his office as his secretary. Vivek and Jenny share a past, which is unknown to her.

Join the journey of Vivek and Jenny, the journey of hate, pain, betrayal and yes eternal love.

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