Stalker. (Completed)

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Hi, My name is Anna! By AnnaBieberTomlinson Completed
Scarlett is a 17 year old girl, who has a stalker. One night the stalker finds Scarlett and doesn't want to give her back. Later on, the stalker figures out that he is in-love with Scarlett. Will Scarlett survive, or not? Read to find out! Written by~ Anna Watson (AnnaBieberTomlinson)
I'm really intrigued by your story!!! Looking forward to a whole lot more!!! :D
I would of been celebrating because I had guys chasing me... then I would of been like 'CRAP!'
I'm getting very annoyed myself..... please will one of you boys just answer her question before I explode...gaaaa:-)
@Take_My_Soul_666 @ash_lor1324 why is it not good because one direction was in it.and why you not be teading this
I love this, I saw Louis and I was like whaa? I'm glad I'm reading this
Omg what did she do! NEXT to the other chapter GOOD JOB check out my story