Rapier(The Thunder clan Series1#)

Rapier(The Thunder clan Series1#)

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Tash F'do By Tara0Tara123 Updated Aug 20, 2018

Bonded by force..

That's what life mates are..

That's how the world is now.

They came to our world from a far far away world.
At first we thought nothing was wrong.

But alas..!

Only we were wrong!

They invaded our whole world within two days.
They launched their invasion at the same time around the whole world , making it impossible for us to get help from others.

And soon we were defeated by their technology and their strength combined with their abnormal abilities.

They overpowered us with their huge muscular silver bodies. Both males and females. Each and every one of them was over 6ft height and we were weak compared to them.

Then they chose or rather forced us to become their life mates. 

And these aliens..who defeated us...they are called as, 




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