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~Naruto Fanfic~ What is wrong with these freaks from Hell *cough* I mean Konoha

~Naruto Fanfic~ What is wrong with these freaks from Hell *cough* I mean Konoha

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insert name here By LilyGirl347 Completed

Himura Akemi was training to be a priestess. At least she was before her entire village plus her family decided to give her the boot at age 7. She then becomes a nomad wandering around the 5 Great Shinobi Nations. She's met lots of interesting people and learned a lot of skills. But because of her secluded village and her moving around so much she has no idea what a ninja is or that they exist. So when some Konaha ninjas finds her after a bad encounter with some people and force her into becoming a resident ninja of Konaha. What is Akemi going to do? She's going to wreak havoc of course.

Chewzu Chewzu Mar 11
Right now I am listening to Shape Of You and I don't know how but it gives me the feels
right, let me see you say that when you realize your daughter is the main character from a fanfic and that you'll suffer because everyone mean to the mc has a horrid ending.
                              DISHONOR ON YOUR FAMILY
                              DISHONOR ON YOUR COW
                              wait there is no cow 
                              (  -.-) ?
b i t c h, if you really love your dughter then you'll go with her. not just stay in this d a m n household and think that a seven-something year old chilg can survive out side.
                              yeah, you really love her.
Someone call children services, this pathetic women who claims to be my mother is just going to abandon me at the age of seven and live with a sadistic freak and a bitch of a daughter.
Acid_Lilac Acid_Lilac May 01, 2016
Himura? As in...Kenshin Himura from Rouruni Kenshin? *Wiggles eyebrows* 
                              Just kidding.