The Alpha's Rogue Mate

The Alpha's Rogue Mate

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secretauthor By secret1530 Updated Apr 01, 2015

16 days, 365 hours, 21,900 minutes. That's how long it's been since I became a rogue. I haven't eaten since and it won't be long until my body shuts down. I can't turn back now, not when I've already come this far, this far away from them.  Loud, threatening growls fill my ears and that's all I remember before everything turned black.     

 * * * *      

Brooklyn West has been a rogue since the day she left her abusive pack. She accidentally trespasses through another pack's territory. And it isn't just any pack. It's the Silver Moon pack and they're known for doing what they're best at, mercilessly killing rogues.     

 Logan Scott is the alpha of the Silver Moon pack. Ever since his parents were killed by a rogue attack, he has wanted nothing more than to kill every single rogue out there. But when a mysterious rogue crosses his path, will he have the power to change everything he used to believe in?  Will fate be enough? Especially when the past is just right at their backs, waiting to attack when they least expect it.

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0_Midnight_Flower_0 0_Midnight_Flower_0 Oct 26, 2017
ok, im a  =^.^= lover, but this sounds too good to be true:)
Doe101 Doe101 Apr 18, 2015
awe, he accepted her! or is he playing her.... nah he accepted her =^.^=